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REPA Conveyor Equipment
Fluorietweg 28, 1812 RR Alkmaar
Tel. +31 (0)251-700252
Fax +31 (0)251-311046
We have our own laboratory where we can test the rollers. All our rollers (steel and HDPE) are tested by default in this test center. With the information of these tests we can improve the quality of our rollers to top quality or upgrade our rollers to your specific needs. The quality of all our rollers is according DIN, ISO, JIS and CEMA standard.

The most important default tests we perform:
Dust test.
Water test
Measurement instrument for the rolling resistance.
Instruments to perform an endurance test (right). The machine on the left side is for measuring the radial distortion.

We can basically reproduce all your specific circumstances for testing our rollers.