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News of REPA Conveyor Equipment

New on stock

The trough tracker with absolute the best tracking characteristics.

Repa Conveyor Equipment proudly presents the CE-TRACK. The CE-TRACK is a self aligning conveyor belt tracking system. The CE-TRACK has some unique features.

  • By default suitable for 2 belt directions.
  • The surface of the rollers has by default a hot vulcanized rubber lagging for a perfect grip on the belt. The rubber lagging is also ensures also a minimal adhesion of dirt on the rollers.
  • The CE-TRACK will react immediately on a belt displacement because of the conical side rollers.

Are you interested? Please do not hesitate to contact Repa Conveyor Equipment. Our specialist will happily answer all your further questions.

New generation belt guiding roller
NEW !! The RE-TRACK belt guiding roller

New in our product line the RE-TRACK belt guiding rollerThe RE-TRACK belt guiding roller can be applied in conveyor systems with two belt directions and. The RE-TRACK is available up to a width of 2400mm.

Our RE-TRACK belt guiding roller has a very heavily designed shaft.
To this shaft, the roller is able to  tiltparallel to the band.

For an optimal grip between the belt and the RE-TRACK, all the rollers are provided with a crowned hotvulcanized rubber lagging with diamond profile.

The RE-TRACK is equipped with heavy groove ball bearings and by the unique design it is  maintenance free and fully sealed against contaminationThe RE-TRACK comes with galvanized mounting brackets as standard, but can also be produced customer specific.

Repa expands
New office for Repa

After the realisation of our new warehouse in 2012, Repa grows further.

Due to the good results of the recent years and an excellent forecast for the near future, Repa takes the next step. Repa is ready to move over to their new office. This office consist of 100m2 showroom, a modern office with two floors and another 600m2 workshop. With this extra space, the total area grows to more than 4.100m2. 

Repa Conveyor Belts and Repa Conveyor Equipment have moved to their location. With this next step, Repa is ready for the future.

HDPE Idlers new in stock
Repa Conveyor Equipment introduce a complete new HDPE idler type RQ+!

Here is our complete new and better HDPE idler. This HDPE idler with the name RQ+ brings the standard to a much higher level. The benefits of the RQ+ idler compare to the steel idlers are very big.
         HDPE rollers save energy because it is approximately 50% lower in weight.
         Resistant to many chemicals.
         Corrosion resistant.
         Extremely durable.
         The RQ+ roller of Repa CE has an antistatic bearing house and HDPE tube.
         About 25% less noise compared to steel rollers.
         The HDPE tube is totally immune of dirt sticking to it.
The RQ+ idler with the backseal (optional)
The RQ+ idler with the optional steel tube inside. By default from rollerlength 600mm.
Repa Conveyor Equipment has its own test environment. Our RQ+ roller has also been tested in this environment. 

The dust test:

In this setup, the dust test is performed on our RQ + roller. After 200 hours non-stop running, there was absolutely no dust detected in the grease of the bearing.

The water test:

During the water test, we let the RQ+ roller run for 72 hours continuously while water was sprayed on the sealing. After those 72 hours, there was absolutely no water in the labyrinth sealing and the HDPE tube.


The rolling resistance:

Also, the rolling resistance of the RQ + roller is measured. This is done at a speed of 600 rev / min with a radial load of 250 N. The measured rolling resistance was only 0.96 N.